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Our motivation for cycling from England to New Zealand is to have an awesome adventure, give ourselves a huge challenge, and to raise £1 for each mile we cycle.

During our ride so far we have overcome some of the worst conditions we could imagine including gruelling mountain ranges, frozen bikes in plunging temperatures and vast deserts. During these challenging and morale crushing parts of the cycle it boost our spirits and helps us plod slowly onwards towards our goal when we think that our efforts will help support two very worthy causes – Guide Dogs and Amos Trust.

For those of you that would like to sponsor a few miles and donate to our charities – thank you very much! Your donations will be greatly appreciated by both us and the charity.


Ella, Ryan’s youngest sister, has a guide dog so it was an easy decision to support the charity Guide Dogs.

In 2009 Ella received Wendy, her first Guide Dog, and after seeing the subsequent improvement in Ella’s life we wanted to help Guide Dogs provide dogs for more people in need. All related costs of owning the dog (training, food, vet bills etc) are covered by the charity, and there is a waiting list for dogs.

Here’s a message from Ella:

I had been dreaming about having a guide dog for many years and a few months after my 20th birthday my long awaited dream came true.

Having guide dog, Wendy, has opened up a whole new world of independence for me and also helped me to see my future in a different light.

It has really changed me as an individual person because I no longer have to worry about any obstacles that may have an effect on independently reaching specific destinations such as shops and restaurants.

I feel that I have also become more sociable now because people stop and chat to me because they are interested about Wendy.

Having and caring for a guide dog is a huge responsibility and not everyone would enjoy this – but for me it’s fantastic!

If you’d like to make a donation to Guide Dogs please click here.

The Amos Trust is an international human rights organisation that works with and supports community projects around the world. Rebecca’s family and friends have been working with the Amos Trust on a specific project in Mwanza in Tanzania – where they met a group of small children at the Kuliana Children’s Centre.

There are 41 children who live in one bedroom at the centre and the only air outlet is the gap between the wall and the roof, which lets in mosquitos, and 2/3 of the boys always have malaria at any given time.  The money raised will go towards building a simple kitchen, a sewerage system and a new bedroom. Having a specific project we want to help encourages us to keep going!

Please click here to donate to the Amos Trust.

Thank you!

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