Wild camping and Beer – Munich to Hirten

I’m anticipating that I will enjoy writing this post a lot more than the last one, and I hope it’s more fun to read!

The knee is on the mend, and we’re a team again, YAHOO! I have had a fright though so we are having a few weeks of lower miles, and Ryan keeps cycling with his hand on my back up the hills. Thank you to everyone for sending me encouragement, it was so lovely to hear kind words from people back home and stopped me feeling too blue.

After being spoilt by my dad for a few days in Augsberg we headed to Munich for the beer fest where Bex Sheldon awaited us (thanks Bex and Dad!). The Oktoberfest is totally mental, the tents are more like giant buildings and the whole place is a circus of drunks. We had more than our fair share of steins (well it was Bex’s birthday) and spent most of the night dancing on the tables – it’s amazing how well the beer sorts out a dodgy knee!!

We met up with another friend, Tom Smith, who happened to be in Munich on Saturday night and I managed to split one of the only two pairs of trousers I have. I’m not talking a little tear – I managed to rip them up the entire inside leg around the crotch and a few inches the other side, and I had to stumble home trying to hold myself together. Hilarious at the time, obviously. The next day saw me in H&M having a brand new shopping experience. As I entered the shop floor I scoured the room… past all the sparkly tops, floral dresses and jeans and my eyes landed on the corner full of dowdy anoraks and tracksuits, BINGO! As I began the selection process there was no “does my bum look big in this” or ” I wonder if these go with that top” – I felt the fabric, predicted how long things would take to dry, how small they would pack and how much they weighed. The colour was obvious, the most washed out dirt black colour I could find.

After the Munich blow out it was great to get back on the bikes with a rested knee and we headed east. We had our first wild camp deep inside a forest and I am VERY proud to say I experienced only a 30 second panic during the night, the irrational fears were of course:

1) A lumberjack man wearing a plaid shirt and dirty jeans (the cockroach bloke in MIB) is waiting until I fall asleep and is going to drag me out of the tent and attack me

2) I was about to be the silent witness to some horrific crime, Ryan won’t believe me, and so I will have to go out in the rain to investigate where something horrific is awaiting me

3) We are so well camouflaged that a bulldozer is going to plough over the tent killing us both, or even worse just Ryan and then I would have to finish the trip alone as a tribute, ARGH!!!

I know all the men reading this will think I was being irrational, but I am truly impressed the fear only got me for a short time!!! I managed to settle into a solid 12 hours kip after that and was excited to wake up the next day feeling like a little explorer in the woods. I’m sure we have many more wild camps ahead of us, and I will eventually feel at peace with the whole thing.

We continued east for a few days and are staying with some hosts in Hirten. I am continually being amazed by the generosity of people, this our 5th night since leaving home that we have been given food, a roof and wonderful company out of pure kindness and we’re still on the doorstep of England. I genuinely can’t wait until we are able to return this kindness to others once we get back home.

10 Responses to Wild camping and Beer – Munich to Hirten

  1. Oliver says:

    Hi rebecca, good to hear that fun has come back. warmshowers.org is a great network, and yes: our world is friendly one. enjoy your ride, oliver

  2. Carol says:

    That’s my girl!
    I laughed lots at the wild camping/bulldozer fear. I’ve had it myself.
    Its so lovely to hear from you.
    Much love to you both.

  3. Sophie M says:

    Brilliant!!!!!!! First the knee then the world. Keep the stories re: irrational fear of inbreed German’s coming, they’re beyond entertainment.

    Skype soon.

    Love Soph X:X)

  4. Adrian says:

    Glad you’re in Hirten and it’s not hurtin …
    Aim low.

  5. Mark Davies says:

    You made me laugh several times. Maybe grundge suits you?

    Still on the doorstep? I guess so given the total trip, but it already feels like you’re far away and immersed in a totally different way of life. We looked at that video of Mongolia mentioned in Ryan’s tweet – hmmm, you are right, you’re still in the western world. Enjoy those tarmac roads while you can! One day, it will feel amazing to ride on one again.

    Fab blog, fab pix, loving it!

  6. johnfriend says:

    Glad to hear the knee is on the mend. Your tales of wild camping brought back memories of my own experiences round Europe a long, long time ago.

  7. Ian says:

    Looks like you had a great time at the Oktoberfest! Very relieved your knees re on the mend – in fact you seem to have recovered remarkably fast, and you are not all that far off your schedule. Your onward journey seems much less frantic and knee-friendly. Keep on pushing those pedals and you’ll finally get there.

  8. Jo Cook says:

    Love the blogs, very entertaining and sounds like you’re having a real adventure! I hope the knee is still fine and the irrational fears aren’t creeping in (although they are hilarious, esp the last one!). Take care, Jo xxxx

  9. Baysie says:

    In the USA when we stayed in the woods in state parks I was terrified too… and I was in an RV! So I am mega impressed that you only had the fear for a short while.

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