Video #4 – A day in the life…

Our previous videos usually show the fun and interesting parts of our journey, but the reality of cycling across the world is that much of our time is spent cycling, eating and camping. We made this video during a single day in Kazakhstan in an attempt to show what a ‘normal’ day is like!

Click here to view if the embedded version above hasn’t worked, or to view the HD version.

14 Responses to Video #4 – A day in the life…

  1. Bea says:

    Another brilliant vid!

    Alarming toilets though…

    Wish we were there with you, Kazakh looks great. How long til China?


    • Ryan says:

      Yep we’ve had some pretty special toilets. Communal squatters should not exist!

      We’re in China now, a week or so into the 3 month stint.

  2. ian holliday says:

    HI Guys

    Loved the new video – keeping the fabulous shots from the tent door to the very end of the video was a great idea. Gave it a lot of impact.

    Looking forward to the first stage from China now!

    Get a move on!!

  3. Cheese says:

    Hi guys!

    Another amazing video. Really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work, but know that you’re very much missed.

    Love John & Cheese xxxxx

  4. Mark Davies says:

    Love this video!

    Bea – I got a quick update from Ryan yesterday saying that they were in Kuytun in China. It looks like he’s been able to update the route map too, but we’re not sure whether that will continue to be the case throughout the country.

  5. Sophie Morris says:

    When are you two gonna get the downhill bit???? Absolutely fantastic!!!!!! I am so impressed that you still have the energy to put so much hard work into such an inspiring video. I hope you are having a wonderful time in China now.

    Lots of Love

    Sophie X X X X πŸ™‚

  6. Barefoot Brian says:

    Hey Ryan! Wonderful video, what a beautiful place to set up camp. Extraodinary views!

    Just found your blog after I became Facebook friends with your dad. I knew him way back when he was at Fishponds Baptist in Bristol. He was one of “my” young people!

    I can appreciate (slightly) what you are doing as I cycled London to Paris to celebrate my 60th birthday a few years ago. I did it on an organised trip with hotels each night and food stops arranged. But I still had to cycle the mles!

    I’m going to enjoy reading your blog from the beginning and then keeping up with all you are doing.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Brian, thanks for the coment! Is your barefoot nickname a reference to running? That’s on my to-do-list at some point in the future when I get home.

  7. Adrian says:

    Fabulous video chaps. Spurring me on as it’s just over a week now until we set off for Cornwall to start LEJOG.
    Much mucking around, fiddling and fettling with saddles and gussets, you know what I mean. Managed to fall off my bike twice in one easy ride on Saturday … no idea why. Hoping the south westerly winds will blow for us.
    All the best with your fabulous ride. May the wind always be at your back.

  8. Henry B says:

    Hey guys, great vids!! Hope China is treating you very well, definitely the biggest culture shock right??!! We’re in Dali at the moment – this country just gets better and better the further south you go….although im currentl hauled up in a hostel with a very dodgy tummy….enough said.

    Hopfully catch up in SE Asia somewhere. We’re heading through Indonesia and may have to get a flight from Bali to Darwin. Stay in touch, Hdog & Jdizzle

    • Ryan says:

      We’re in Urumqi, yep China is cool! We’re cycling to Singapore for early November, then flying to Perth and cycling to Sydney. Not sure we’ll catch you up in SE Asia (unless you get seriously stuck into a few beers on the beach), maybe Melbourne/Sydney might be more likely? Have fun!

  9. maverich says:

    hi there!
    Hey you did an awesome adventure! i love to see your videos until new zealand.
    I know it seems to be hard cruising with these extreme weather but you got some amazing motivation and guts!
    keep up the journeys guy! were waiting for your next vids!

  10. dorian says:

    Your videos always keep me entertained between ergos and sleeping… Glad the sun is finally out for you. Oh and you should feel inspired, after watching this video i changed the tyre on my bike..not gone on it yet..slowly slowly and all πŸ˜‰

    stay safe

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