Video #6 – SE Asia

We arrived in Singapore a few days ago and are thrilled to have finished the Asian leg of our trip. We’ve just made our latest video which shows us cycling across South East Asia. We hope you enjoy it!

Click here if the embedded video above hasn’t worked.

13 Responses to Video #6 – SE Asia

  1. Andy Hilton says:

    Enjoy the cocktails and well done. You are inspiring me to go out and do this some day.

  2. fantastic again. Bex sporting sunnies in just about any conditions (!) conditions….

  3. Adrian says:

    What a great video. I can see lots of effort has gone into your new video production, in all weather conditions too… Well done… The places you are cycling through look so exotic.
    Thanks and best wishes. Adrian

  4. ian holliday says:

    Wonderful stuff. It must be an amazing feeling to have arrived in Singapore after such a long ride. Well done both of you – enjoy those cocktails Bex, you deserve them. XX

  5. Brilliant video – a;ways makes me want to go off travelling

  6. Cheese says:

    Well done guys! Your posts always cheer me up. Your both looking fantastic! Keep up the good work xxxxx

  7. Margaret says:

    Hi – you inspired us so much with ur adventure we just had to sample just a small bit of Asia, cycling here in Cambodia has certainly enabled us to experience just a little of how it is here for the locals but cycling journeys for us are short & when it gets too hot we just jump in our support vehicle & see another temple! Siem Reip next so we’ve study your friends website & will follow his best photographic tips. Can’t wait to see your latest video- wi fi here too weak to view it!
    Will look forward to your update from Oz when we’re back.
    Lots of love to you both Margaret & Robert xxxxxxx

  8. Time to tackle a new continent – well, why not?!! Amazing…..

  9. Christine Mercier says:

    How nice to start a working day with a little bit of travelling! And here it’s dry weather!
    Thank you and “bon courage” for the next step!


  10. Bea says:

    Just seen this video – love it! Poor you with all the rain though, horrid. Hope you are enjoying Perth, one of my favourite places on earth! xxxx
    ps good choice of soundtrack esp the BSC!

  11. Robin Williams says:

    Well done you two! Really brilliant photos and video once again. We (GB rowers) have just been on a cycling camp in Mallorca for training (which was fun !) but tried to avoid the rain if at all possible and are certainly nowhere near your mileage total!! What a bunch of wimps, eh! Have fun in Oz.

  12. dorian says:

    really awesome ryan…keep up the good work

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