Video #5 and a few China stats

Whilst hiding from the monsoon rain in Hanoi we put together a video from our 3 months in China. But first, to celebrate finishing our biggest country so far, here are a few China stats:

  • Distance cycled – 5,130km (Kazakh border to Vietnamese border)
  • Time taken – 90 days (58 spent cycling, 32 spent doing panda impressions)
  • Shortest Day – 17th May, 25km (ridiculous headwind)
  • Longest Day – 18th May, 196km (ridiculous tailwind)
  • Highest altitude – 3,150 metres above sea level
  • Lowest altitude – 155 metres below sea level
  • Best bit – crawling up the huge sand dunes at Dunhuang
  • Worst bit – battling the headwinds in the Gobi desert

Click here if the embedded video above hasn’t worked.