7 weeks to go…

There are 7 weeks to go until we start cycling towards New Zealand (leaving day is Sunday 5th September).  We still have an intimidating amount of  kit to buy and admin to sort before we’re  officially “ready”, but we are getting close to being organised and are both beginning to fantasise about riding effortlessly off into the sunset…or at least riding around the M25 towards Dover.

We will be updating this blog as regularly as we come across internet access and will share our favourite pictures and highlights of the journey with you, and of course attempt to make you feel jealous enough so that you come and join us for a leg of the tour!

5 Responses to 7 weeks to go…

  1. Mark Davies says:

    Wow, wow, wow! What a mission. We won’t be able to stop worrying about you, but no doubt it’ll be amazing. Good luck, you bonkers pair!

  2. Mark Davies says:

    p.s. “riding around the M25” – is that in preparation for the driving conditions you’ll be facing in some of the cities you’ll be passing through? 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      haha, I hope not! I’m expecting that once we pedal off the ferry it’s going to be coastal roads, countryside and horizons the whole way, motorways are not invited.

  3. Dave Jones says:

    I’ll join you for the Middle east leg !!!!!! Is 48deg C warm enough for you ???

    • Rebecca says:

      Unfortunately our Middle East route takes us through Iran in the winter – so it’s nearer minus 30deg C! But you’re still welcome to come:-D xx

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