3 weeks to go…

3 weeks to go until we start riding, and we’re beyond excited. We loaded up our panniers for the first time at the weekend with mine weighing in at 11.5kg and Ryan’s at around 20kg, pretty light for 18 months:-D

Oh, and it’s my final week at work, which meant today’s was the last Monday morning wake up call for a while…wahoo!


5 Responses to 3 weeks to go…

  1. Bea says:

    Hope you are enjoying your last week of staring at a computer screen! Looking forward to Saturday night 🙂

  2. Lucy smith says:

    Oh I am so sad :(. Looking forward to seeing you sat xxx

    • Rebecca says:

      So happy you can make saturday!! Will be sad saying goodbye – good excuse for you to take an exotic holiday to come and see us though! xxx

  3. Rob says:

    Do you have a predicted arrival date in Istanbul, or is it just see how it goes?

  4. Ryan says:

    Not 100% sure yet, but we will have to accurately predict at some point as Bex’s sister is planning on visiting there. We know we’re leaving Munich on Monday 27th Sept, it’s 1,300 ish miles to Istanbul, so I reckon 1st week in November. We’ll be staying for at least a week, so there will be a safety net if you book a flight! 13th/14th currently looking safest bet if we’re talking a weekend.

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