Video #2 – Turkey

Ok – one last post before Iran! We realised we’d collected quite a lot of video footage during our 2 month cycle across Turkey, so we thought we’d make our second video during a day off in Erzurum. Hope you like it!

Click here to view if the embedded version above hasn’t worked, or to view the HD version.

26 Responses to Video #2 – Turkey

  1. Stéphane says:

    Glad the program worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lucy says:

    Your video is absolutely amazing – no idea how on earth you managed to get up those mountains or camp out in the snow. Such a massive achievement to have got so far – look forward to seeing the next instalment although missing the nando lunches with the AXA lot 😦


  3. Carol says:

    You must be soooooo strong. I am astonished.
    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    • Bex says:

      I don’t feel very strong when I’m crawling up mountains at 5km an hour and seeing Ryan a tiny black dot a million miles ahead of me!

      Glad you enjoyed the vid.


  4. Dan says:

    Inpsirational!! I am blown away by what you’ve acheived!

  5. johnfriend says:

    Brilliant. Keep them coming. The beard’s looking good for Iran and the Stans.

  6. Derek Holland says:

    Excellent stuff you two. Ryan keep your pants on or else get a tan on your back side especially if you plan on jumping into the sea again.
    Keep safe.

  7. mkcdavies says:

    We (Mum, me, Ella and Beth) were all grinning like bugs watching this video 🙂 Such a joyful experience for you as well as a tough challenge. Seeing you push, push, push up those slopes was really amazing. Unsurprisingly, Mum thought some of the roads needed more crash barriers each side. And your faces looked v rosy in the cold (well, Bex’s did anyway!)

  8. Mark Davies says:

    We’re wondering what was in the blue bag hanging from the snowy handlebars? Or don’t we want to know?!!

  9. phil and judy perry says:

    You have achieved so much and have really connected with the locals,we so enjoy following your adventure.
    Stay safe and have fun

  10. Robbie Kennedy says:

    Great video.
    You are both frigging nuts, but i am sure you are having the time of your life.
    keep up the good work

    • Ryan says:

      Cheers Robbie – I’m not sure Bex thinks lying in an ice filled -10c tent is the time of her life, but I’m trying to talk her round!

  11. Kirsty Myles says:

    WOW…you are crazy, good luck with the whole journey, it will be the most incredible achievement when you finish!! Take care xx

  12. oliver says:


    Ian Hamblin let me know of your journey. A few years ago I cycled from Gothenburg to London for Cancer Research and I’m planning to cycle to Shanghai in a few years time. I’m very interested in the trials and tribulations along your route! Your blog is fantastic, particularly the photography, which camera did you use? A minor point, during the videos it is quite hard to hear the commentary because the songs are a bit on the loud side.
    All the best for the rest of your trip,


    • Ryan says:

      Hi Oliver,

      For the photos we’re just using a point and shoot, a Panasonic model. FS6 maybe?!

      Thanks for the tip on the videos – we keep mucking up the audio levels, and as we have to make them in internet cafes they tend to be rushed jobs and it’s impossible to switch things around the next day. One day we’ll get it right! (Hopefully…)

    • Ryan says:

      Your cycle to Shanghai sounds ace as well – let me know if you create a blog or something so I can follow your progress!

  13. jodieandtom says:

    Guys! We are finally out of China and into Korea where we can see blog sites again!! Just watched your video and been reading up on all your adventures since the last time we could look! Amazing. Video was so aweosme – Bex you have that Turkish dancing down to perfection! And that glass of wine with your Christmas dinner! It was enormous – good work!!! Cant wait to share a bottle or two with you both when we catch up in NZ!

    Keep up the good work, wishing you warm thoughts and happy tailwinds, love Jodie and Tom x

    • Bex says:

      Thanks! Well done on making it accross China, just read your last post and it sounds amazing, but terribly difficult. You are doing so well and I am amazed at the distance you have covered in such a short time. Keep Going!

      I too cannot wait for the celebratory tale swapping and booze in NZ!


  14. John Wroe says:

    Rebecca Holliday you are truly amazing. So much respect to you.
    Teary eyed and awestruck after watching that video.


  15. Teleri says:

    Bex you are my hero… looks so amazing, those hills look a killer though… must have some very strong legs now, good on you girl! Looking forward to watching your next video….although they do make me very envious of you! take care and good luck on the next stage xxx

  16. dooorean says:

    Keep up the good work VYran, your beard is horrible 😉

    if it helps its 40 degrees down south, so it should warm you up when you finally get down here

  17. Neil Lambert says:


    Amazing work. Your trip looks amazing, hard work, but amazing.

    Keep on trucking and we’ll keep the corporate dream alive back in blighty!


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