A brief update from Tehran

We’re in Tehran having our first extended break since Istanbul in November. It’s been a bit of a cold, hard slog since Erzurum, so we were pretty happy to get here and put the bikes and tent away for a while!

Iran has been ace so far, the friendliest people, most spectacular scenery and our favourite country so far.

Whilst waiting for visas to be issued we left the bikes in Tehran and jumped on a bus to visit a few places in Southern Iran that aren’t on our cycling route and would’ve otherwise been missed.

We’re now back in Tehran and have picked up our reassuringly expensive Uzbekistan visas. We feel nice and refreshed after our break and on Tuesday 22nd we’ll start cycling again, heading east towards Mashhad and the Turkmenistan border.

We’ll post a proper update about our time in Iran once we’ve left and have full access to our photos etc.

6 Responses to A brief update from Tehran

  1. margaret morgan says:

    Your route map seems to have disappeared!

  2. Steve Littler says:

    Amazing. Loving hearing about your adventure. I’m sitting here watching sodding dancing on ice whilst my little boy is getting some grub. Just 10 days old

  3. Hendrik Hart says:

    Your wonderful experiences provides such a sharp contrast with the violence we read bout. We might wonder about your safety, when in fact you report about your peace. This is very encouraging. It moves me. I send you my love and amazement.

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