One year in one minute

Exactly one year ago we took our first few pedals down the road from my parents’ house, and today we cycled into Bangkok. Lots has happened in between! Thanks to everyone who has followed the blog, left comments (we love reading them), and donated to our chosen charities (the total so far is £3,341!).

We’ve made a one minute slideshow which fires through some of our favourite photos from the last year – we hope you enjoy it!

Click here if the embedded video above hasn’t worked.

15 Responses to One year in one minute

  1. ian holliday says:

    Great Idea! Works very well. I like the track with it too. Good choice of photos too – and it gives a good sense of the variety of people and changing culture and landscape.

  2. Mind blowing, I need to go and lie down now!

  3. samantha pena says:

    Hi there guys,

    My husband and I have been avidly following your progress for the last year and I must say we are so impressed! We moved out to NZ 5 months ago and it is quite exciting to think you are slowly making your way here. I haven’t really paid much attention to the amount you have raised until your email today and I was shocked that such a great adventure hasn’t attracted more cash so I have emailed EVERYONE I know and told them they have to sponsor you. I hope that helps. I want to see you get past £15k if you can 🙂 Great charities.

    You two are an inspiration and we look forward to more updates.

    Love Euan and Sam xxx

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Guys,

      Yes please do pass onto your friends, and anyone you know! In fact, maybe I will prompt everyone to do just that in the next post. I wish we had done a better job of fundraising, but bits still trickle in and every donation of whatever size always gets a big whoop and a cheer from us:-D

      Thank you for enjoying the blog, and we also cannot believe how close we are to NZ now – we think it is only about 20 days cycling to Singapore – then 5,000km from Perth to Sydney – then NZ!!!!

      If you are anywhere on route through NZ, let us know as it would be great to meet up for a beer:-D

      Love Bex

      • samantha pena says:

        Great news, we would love to meet up and I reckon by the time you get to Auckland (I’ll need to check your route) you’ll be ready for a few beers and maybe a wine or two 🙂 Otherwise we might get on our bikes and cycle to where you are with a few bottles!!

        Keep going, you are inspiring so many of us. xxxx

  4. Gordon Ireland says:

    Ryan, Bex

    Your videos and the photo selections are fantastic. I really look forward to your emails. So many thanks. It is quite inspirational. I might have to dig deeper for your charities – you deserve every penny you get!


    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks Gordon.

      I hope all is going well in Bermuda. Now we have made it SE Asia we are having a bit more time to relax and enjoy our progress, which means sunset swims on the beach and a cold beer after a day in the saddle – which certainly beats the evenings spent in the desert sleeping in poop filled tunnels!!

  5. Alez Gix says:

    Dear Rebecca and Ryan,
    Congratulations for the 1st year of cycling!
    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and I’ve been reading your posts to my little daughters (Laura and Sarah) instead of a good night story before they go to sleep.
    We are really loving reading your posts and watching your videos and pictures. We dream to be there with you!
    Sooo, enjoy the trip! I’m sure you’ll miss it!

    We wish we could help you with a push during headwind days (I know what it means!).


    Laura, Sarah and Alessandro (from Italy)

    • Rebecca says:

      What a great comment to receive! Thank you. It makes us feel so happy that others can enjoy the blogs, as much as we enjoy keeping a little record of our adventures.

      I’ve actually been dragging my heels at writing the next post, Thailand has too many great beached to play on, but you have inspired me to do it:-D

      Please pass on a big hello to Laura and Sarah from us.


  6. Christine Mercier says:

    Bravo for the past 365 days!… and thank you for taking us travelling with you on your bikes with the help of your camera! one minute, watching a screen… it seems so easy!

    Bon courage for the next “few” days and miles

    Looking forward your next update

    Christine (from Burgundy, France)

  7. Sue says:

    what a brilliant snapshot of your year – such variation – and looking at the comments above – the people you are touching with your blog are equally varied – huge congratulations on another milestone xxx

  8. al & cher says:

    how fabulous – an inspiration to all of us – old and young alike.

    we love following you around the world and look forward to you posts as you head off through Malaysia and Singapore.

    be well

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Al, thanks for the comment. We’re a couple of weeks from Malaysia now and enjoying the warm weather in this part of the world!

      Hope all is well and Book Barn is going strong,


  9. Julia Grosse says:

    Well, that was a lot more exciting than our year… Loving the blog, keep on pedalling!

    Julia, Keith & boys x

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