Out now: The Road, a photo book


The Road – England to New Zealand by Bicycle

(June 2013)

180 pages, 8 x 10 inch landscape format. 180 photographs and 3000 words.

We’re excited to announce that ‘The Road’ is now available, a photo book documenting our 17,000 mile bicycle journey from England to New Zealand.

Both the journey and the creation of the book have been real labours of love – 20 months spent cycling and 6 months spent compiling photographs and stories on wide format spreads.

The final stage has involved investigating print on demand services and paper types, before eventually deciding on a combination able to produce a book that looks and feels great in the hand. I have the first couple of printed books here in front of me and we’re delighted with the finished product! Sitting down with a book of printed photographs is a completely different experience to viewing them onscreen, and one I really enjoy.

The print version is available as a softcover book and can be shipped worldwide. The eBook version is delivered as a high resolution PDF file which looks great on computers, iPads, iPhones etc. Both versions contain the same content, and for anyone interested in obtaining a copy, ordering details can be found below. We hope you enjoy it!

Print version £50 + p&p                             Add to Cart

eBook version (88mb PDF) £5                    Add to Cart


Coming soon: The Road, a photo book


The Road – England to New Zealand by Bicycle

(June 2013)

180 pages, 8 x 10 inch landscape format. 180 photographs and 3000 words.

I’m super excited to have finally finished work on ‘The Road’, a photo book documenting the 17,000 mile bicycle journey Rebecca and I undertook from England to New Zealand.

I’ve always felt that the photographs from that trip deserved better than to be left on a hard drive, and a photo book is the perfect way to turn this collection of images into something tangible.

It’s a big book – 180 photographs and 3000 words – and I can’t wait for the test copy that I’ve just ordered to arrive so I can hold it in my hands! It’ll be available in a month or so for anyone that wants a copy, both as an 8 x 10 inch landscape format 180 page book and an ebook version. More details to come.

Coming soon!


A quick update

It’s been 7 months since we finished cycling (time has flown!) and as there are still quite a few people subscribing to this blog feed I thought I’d post a quick update.

Firstly, we’re both still loving being back home and have had fun settling back into normal life in Putney, London.  I was slightly worried pre-trip that we’d end up being scraggy-haired hippies who would have to sleep outdoors to feel ‘at home’, but fortunately that’s not the case.

The video footage we took in Australia and New Zealand still hasn’t seen the light of day.  We always planned to make videos for the final two countries and maybe even a full trip summary, but I’m ashamed to say we haven’t gotten round to it…pester Bex (chief video maker!) if you want to see them!

We have no plans to write a book about the trip (one of the top 10 questions asked) but I have been working on a photobook. It’s still a work-in-progress thanks to some impressive procrastination and a million and one distractions here in London, but it WILL get finished!  I’ll post details on this blog as and when it’s finished, just in case anyone other than me and my mum are interested in reading it.

Finally, I’m still taking photos and have started posting new shots to http://ryandaviesphoto.com.  If you’re interested in getting the semi-occasional updates as I post them, you can subscribe via email box here.



Hello England!

With only two days left until we are back home, our thoughts have turned to organising parties…

We are having a casual welcome home party at Ryan’s parents’ house in Henley on Sunday 29th April from 3pm, for anyone and everyone that wants to come and say hi and can make it to Henley please feel free to drop in for a drink. Please email if you need directions etc.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and putting some faces to names at last!

One photo a week for 2011

During 2011 I’ve been continuously updating a Flickr album with my favourite photo each week. Now the year’s over, it’s been fun to have a quick look back over the 52 photos to get a nice random selection of snapshot memories from the last 12 months, from Turkey to Australia.

Which is your favourite photo? Let me know in the comments below!