One photo a week for 2011

During 2011 I’ve been continuously updating a Flickr album with my favourite photo each week. Now the year’s over, it’s been fun to have a quick look back over the 52 photos to get a nice random selection of snapshot memories from the last 12 months, from Turkey to Australia.

Which is your favourite photo? Let me know in the comments below!

11 Responses to One photo a week for 2011

  1. Bea says:

    Jeez, that bloody spider again!!!! Love all the Australia ones APART from that one, especially the tree. Other fav is Bex looking at china in silhouette – she looks like the sphinx!!! Oh also love the kiddies in Lao. Too many good ones to choose! Actually my favourite might still be the two women at Esfahan. Hope that helps 😉

  2. Duncan Coneybeare says:

    Love the trees at dawn in Australia – misty and mysterious! Good luck with the rest of the trip Ryan.

  3. Brett and Lindsay says:

    I agree – those trees with the sun behind is just gorgeous! Also love the sit down protest and the view from the tent door. We have really enjoyed following you on your trip and are extremely jealous.

  4. Colleen McLaughlin says:

    I like three
    two women walking away at Mosque
    Old Thai woman
    tress in Australia

  5. Jess eddie says:

    Mount tochal(?) in Iran is defo the best!!! Hope you guys are having fun aus,we’ve just arrived in Portugal for the 1st camp of 2012!x

  6. Mark Davies says:

    Difficult choice! I think my top three are:
    – you and the bikes in silhouette
    – the view from the tent door
    – Bex sitting in the ground in Turkmenistan – it’s a pic full of emotion

  7. Henk Hart says:

    I am sure the new camera helps. But it still takes a good photographer to “see” those marvelous pictures. There’s a career there for you!! Congratulations. No real favorites. Each one has such a full and unique story to tell.–Henk.

  8. Rob says:

    Excellent collage of shots.

    My three faves:

    Bex in Turkmen (nothing like a bit of morale)
    Mountains through tent opening (makes the viewer feel like they are in the tent)
    Solitary tree in field (like it for its simplicity)


  9. Sue says:

    Three for me too
    The sillouette (the team)
    The road dissapearing between the rocks (mountain road)
    The single tree (wheat belt)

    may be different tomorrow though…….

  10. Len & Pam rivers says:

    Hi Rebbeca & Ryan…………wonderful pics…….lovely seeing you both at Sals wedding, thanks for coming. Have a wonderful onward journey to New Zealand…….Looking forward to seeing you both again in the UK. The Rivers tribe!!

  11. Ryan says:

    Thanks everyone – very interesting to know which photos people liked!

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