Hello England!

With only two days left until we are back home, our thoughts have turned to organising parties…

We are having a casual welcome home party at Ryan’s parents’ house in Henley on Sunday 29th April from 3pm, for anyone and everyone that wants to come and say hi and can make it to Henley please feel free to drop in for a drink. Please email if you need directions etc.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and putting some faces to names at last!

9 Responses to Hello England!

  1. Christine Mercier says:

    Thank you for your invitation and sorry for being too far for a drink.
    Congratulations anyway and… hello to Ryan’s family and everyone we know.


  2. Max says:

    Thanks for the invite Rebecca I would definitely come if I was in the UK…and really enjoyed following your incredible journey

  3. Edwina & I would definitely love to come and meet you guys. Your posts have been so inspiring. And it will also be good to catch up with Mark and Sue after far too long!

  4. Travel Nerd says:

    Are you nervous after such a long time / adventure?

  5. Byron Suley says:

    Congrats on your wonderful inspiring journey, been following your escapades sine the beginning thanks for the great stories and pictures.

  6. See you both there, it still blows my little mind all this cycling business..

  7. Richard says:

    I recently found your video on you tube and I found it deeply inspirational. Then I discovered you two have only just arrived back in the UK, congratulations!

    It left me fascinated and I simply must ask. (as I’m now considering to do something like this myself)
    What were the most challenging aspects of your journey?
    Where were the most beautiful areas ?
    Were there many dangerous situations/regions ?
    Were you ever desperately low on supplies?


    • Rebecca says:


      Thanks for your message, sorry it has taken a while to reply – as you can imagine there is a lot of sorting out for us to do.

      I have answered your questions below:

      What were the most challenging aspects of your journey? Not giving in when an easy way out presented itseld, people will often offer you a lift during a really challenging day and it takes will power to say no and watch them drive into the distance leaving you on a long climb, in the snow, in the desert etc etc

      Where were the most beautiful areas ? Too many! I really couldn’t pick one particular area, it depends entirely on your tastes. I loved Laos for its hills, and Malaysia for its beaches but I liked the variety in Central Asia and deserts too.

      Were there many dangerous situations/regions ? None, except for weather related dangers. We were at high altitude in January and temps were beloe -25 deg, and we had inappropriate camping gear (but we obviously survived!) and severe winds in the Turpan basin. Its difficult but there is always a way to get through such times.

      Were you ever desperately low on supplies? No. We were pretty good at planning, and probably often had more than we needed. There were times when we had to ration quite heavily, and would have liked more but it was absolutely never a danger that we would starve/be too thirsty. If you plan and look ahead, use other people blogs for research too and you should never get in a bad place with food/water rations.

      I hope this helps, good luck with your trip! It’s the more wonderful thing in the world to be heading off into the unknown and if you are in two minds about it just take the leap and go! The first day is one of the hardest…but it quickly becomes an easy and simple way of life.


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