A quick update

It’s been 7 months since we finished cycling (time has flown!) and as there are still quite a few people subscribing to this blog feed I thought I’d post a quick update.

Firstly, we’re both still loving being back home and have had fun settling back into normal life in Putney, London.  I was slightly worried pre-trip that we’d end up being scraggy-haired hippies who would have to sleep outdoors to feel ‘at home’, but fortunately that’s not the case.

The video footage we took in Australia and New Zealand still hasn’t seen the light of day.  We always planned to make videos for the final two countries and maybe even a full trip summary, but I’m ashamed to say we haven’t gotten round to it…pester Bex (chief video maker!) if you want to see them!

We have no plans to write a book about the trip (one of the top 10 questions asked) but I have been working on a photobook. It’s still a work-in-progress thanks to some impressive procrastination and a million and one distractions here in London, but it WILL get finished!  I’ll post details on this blog as and when it’s finished, just in case anyone other than me and my mum are interested in reading it.

Finally, I’m still taking photos and have started posting new shots to http://ryandaviesphoto.com.  If you’re interested in getting the semi-occasional updates as I post them, you can subscribe via email box here.



3 Responses to A quick update

  1. Mark Davies says:

    Bex, pull your finger out, we’re all waiting! (Why do I feel slightly scared about pestering you?!)

  2. Mark Davies says:

    Come on you scraggy haired hippies, we want the video and picture book!

  3. Tonnie Noija Netherlands says:

    Enjoy your worldtour footage, chapeau!!

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