Coming soon: The Road, a photo book


The Road – England to New Zealand by Bicycle

(June 2013)

180 pages, 8 x 10 inch landscape format. 180 photographs and 3000 words.

I’m super excited to have finally finished work on ‘The Road’, a photo book documenting the 17,000 mile bicycle journey Rebecca and I undertook from England to New Zealand.

I’ve always felt that the photographs from that trip deserved better than to be left on a hard drive, and a photo book is the perfect way to turn this collection of images into something tangible.

It’s a big book – 180 photographs and 3000 words – and I can’t wait for the test copy that I’ve just ordered to arrive so I can hold it in my hands! It’ll be available in a month or so for anyone that wants a copy, both as an 8 x 10 inch landscape format 180 page book and an ebook version. More details to come.

Coming soon!


9 Responses to Coming soon: The Road, a photo book

  1. Claire Smoothy says:

    Fabulous xx

  2. How about a teaser? Which photos made it into the book?

  3. Stefanie Krüger-Farquahrson says:

    Please let us know how to order the book. Iam from Germany and read your blog from the start to the end! Hope you settled in well after such an amazing journey. Greetings from Frankfurt. Stefanie 🙂

    • Ryan Davies says:

      Hi Stefanie, ordering from Germany will be the same P&P cost as for the UK fortunately, I’ll post another blog entry when it’s ready to order. Thanks!

  4. Hendrik Hart says:

    I can feel the excitement of the journey coming back with the book. Great way to keep memories alive. Congratulations.

  5. Llew says:

    Looking forward to seeing the book Ryan. Met you & Rebecca at Andrew & Dilini’s wedding in Perth, caught up on all your postings & then followed the rest of your journey. Well done.

  6. very useful book, I was planning for cycling myself because I like adventurers, maybe after bali bike tour

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